Monitor your feedings

Use Time2Feed to track and analyse the feedings of your animals. You will be reminded if another feeding is due. Use this App whatever animal you own, snake, bearded dragon or tortoise.

Register your animal with name, age, gender and some additional data. You can add a picture as well.

Enter your feedings with time and comment and the app will calculate the days between the feedings and the days since the last feeding. Your iPhone or iPad is quick at hand so you can add your feedings directly after every feeding and don't have to worry about any forgotten feeding. Get rid of your paperwork right now!
You can set for each animal after how many days you should be reminded about feeding.
Of course you can add other data as well, like shedding, weight & size measurements and general events.

With the feature Quick feeding you can enter a feeding for multiple animals or even for groups at the same time.

Brand NEW Time2Feed as Android App!

Feed with QR-Code

You can activate this feature by In-App-Purchase. Generate a QR-Code for each animal which can be scanned after a feeding. After scanning the code the 'Enter feeding' screen will be shown to enter the feeding data. It comes in handy if you own a lot of animals. Just stick the code at the terrarium/aquarium and scan it.

Generating and scanning the QR-Codes can be done with this app, no additional software needed!

Questions or Feedback?

You have questions, found a bug or even have a suggestion for improvement? Don't hesitate to contact me with the contact form.
I'm developing this app in my spare free time so I can not promise that all requests for improvements will be implemented.